Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir

Cadet College Muzaffarabad



Cadet College Muzaffarabad is a residential institution. Cadets are accommodated in the Hostels called “Houses”. A house organizes its own social functions, excursions, preps, indoor and outdoor games, and sports. Each house is under the charge of a House Master who is assisted by an Assistant House Master, House Tutors and One Non

Commissioned Officer (Army).

In order to train the Cadets in shouldering the responsibilities and exercise authorities, there are a number of Cadet Appointments. Each house has House Prefect who is assisted by an Assistant House Prefect, a Sports Prefect and a Mess Perfect.


Cadet College Muzaffarabad has a spacious Cadets mess in each House. The mess is run under the supervision of a Messing Officer, Caterer and Assistant Caterer. Cadets are also associated with the Management of the mess. One representative from each class is the member of the Mess Committee, which meets regularly to draw the menu and ways and means of improving the messing standards. The Mess Committee is presided over by the Principal. Meals include Breakfast, Tea Break, Lunch and Dinner. These Meals are wholesome and balanced. Sick Cadets are supplied food as prescribed by the Medical Officer.


The College Medical Centre has a ward for the Cadets. The College is an authorized Medical Officer (MBBS).  All minor ailments are treated at the Medical Centre, but for specialized treatment in case of serious illness/injury, the patient is referred to Combined Military Hospital Muzaffarabad, AIMS and M.H Rawalpindi according to the entitlement of the cadet’s parents. Medical charges, etc. if any, on medical treatment outside the College are charged from the Cadets.

To immunize against epidemics, vaccinations and inoculation are carried out periodically. Cadets are weighed, measured, and medically checked up periodically and proper health record is maintained.


The Library at Cadet College Muzaffarabad is spacious, well equipped, and offers a tranquil environment. It is being developed into a richer information resource center. The Library subscribes to a good number of periodicals and journals, which have educational value for the cadets. In addition, it also offers its users a rich learning environment complemented with electronic information access and services.


Cadet College Muzaffarabad is developing state of the art IT infrastructure. Our Computer Lab is equipped with the latest computers along with printer, scanners, multimedia equipment and networking. All workstations have the latest and the most sophisticated software installed providing connectivity for 24 hours.

Moreover, College Labs are now equipped with smart boards (Interactive whiteboards) which boost Cadets’ interaction and team collaboration and make an easy source of transmitting knowledge in audio, video and 3D animated format which increases hybrid learning.