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Cadet College Muzaffarabad



Ex-Principal’s Message

Cadet College Muzaffarabad is comparatively a new educational institution, as its First Entry reported to the College in April 2018. The College experienced frequent lock-downs during 2019 and 2020. I took over as the Principal Cadet College Muzaffarabad in February 2021. Owing to extensive experience of serving in prestigious educational institutions of Pakistan Army, including Pakistan Military Academy, National Defense University, Army Burn College for Boys, College of Army Education, Military College Sui and Cadet College Pano Aqil, I was able to appreciate the problems and challenges that the College was confronted with, without loss of time. The first challenge was to prepare the cadets for internal and board exams in the shortest possible time, who didn’t attend regular classes for almost a year, due to Covid-19. I must give credit to the faculty that they put their hearts and souls to prepare the cadets. Our 9th and 10th classes performed extremely well in BISE Mirpur. Phase-III projects of the College were required to be completed by June 2022, which couldn’t be even initiated.

The first meeting of the Board of Governors was convened on 18th May 2021, in which, not only the decisions, budgets and policies of previous three years were got approved, but also a number of new projects, which are being included in PC-1 (Phase-IV). Since August 2021, after the resumption of regular classes, a robust training and education programme has been launched, focusing on all aspects of personality development of the cadets viz: their physical fitness, intellectual, social and moral education/training.

The Fifth Entry of the College joined on April 2022, therefore, the College now functions to its full capacity. During the second half of the last year, we went through a rigorous process of selection of the faculty and staff, based totally on merit. A comprehensive program for the training of faculty has been in progress since the induction of the new faculty. An effort is being made to expose the young teachers to the subjects of educational philosophy, psychology, teaching methodology and the best pedagogical practices all around the globe. They are being encouraged to move towards the concept of self-learning, which is a life long process. In the nutshell, efforts are afoot to develop a robust learning environment in the College, so that this institution should be reckoned with the top institutions of the country in the shortest possible time.

May Allah help us to make Cadet College Muzaffarabad an ideal boarding institution, which should serve the cause of education in the days to come.

Brigadier Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Abbasi, SI (M), (Retired)

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