Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir

Cadet College Muzaffarabad

Saif House

Junior most house of the College is Saif House. This house is named after Naik Saif Ahmed Janjua (late). Naik Saif Ahmed Janjua is reckoned as a symbol of bravery and selflessness, who embraced martyrdom while fighting with the Indian Army on 25 October, 1948 during the battle of Pir Kalewa, which was attacked by the 5 Infantry Brigade of Indian Army. He was awarded Hilal-e-Kashmir at Mendhar Sector of Jammu. This house was established in 2018. Currently, 63 Cadets of the 8th Class are in Saif House. As in Cadet Colleges, different houses are allotted to the cadets under the supervision of a House Master and assistant house masters, it is pertinent to mention that HMs/AHMs play a parental role to cater for the needs of cadets along with their grooming. Moreover, no aspect of personality grooming is neglected. Cadets are trained to shoulder the responsibilities, which are likely to be thrown onto their shoulders in the future. Similarly, cadets are made conscious of future challenges and are equipped with the abilities to tackle the challenges of life.

Houses play an important role in the personality shaping of the cadets during their stay at the College. HMs / AHMs are responsible for monitoring and guiding the cadets in academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Concerned teachers communicate the issues of a cadet to his HM/AHM. HM/AHM like a father/mother, after being informed by the teachers, takes personal interest and sits with the cadet in his house and tries to resolve the issue. Interestingly, in the College houses are never left unattended. HM/AHMs are required to be there round the clock. Moreover, house tutors visit the preps in the evening time. Cadets complete the assigned tasks given by teachers during their preps. In case, cadets face any difficulty, they can consult the concerned teacher in the prep timings.


Besides, academic activities, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are part and parcel of the training programme of the cadets in the college. Each cadet participates in these activities. The College has fostered a culture of inclusive approach, wherein, every cadet is encouraged and given an equal chance to give his best in every kind of activity. Curricular and co-curricular and extra-curricular competitions are held in three phases; Intra-class, Intra-House and Inter House. In the first phase students of the same class are prepared to excel and put their best. Results of intra-class competitions are forwarded to concerned HMs for Intra-House competitions. HMs/ AHMs arrange Intra-House competitions and select top cadets for the final phase of the competition. The number of cadets selected for the final competition varies according to the nature of the competition i.e. Three cadets for GIK Quiz, Seerat quiz and bilingual declamation, and six cadets for volleyball competitions.

As Covid-19 compelled the authorities to close the institutions, resultantly, all activities were suspended for about one and half year. The College after the resumption of classes, launched a comprehensive programme of all the activities. All the competitions were planned well in time and executed accordingly.

Motto of the House “Put your best, leave to Allah, the Rest”

Slogan of the House “We can, we will”

Saif House, despite being the junior most house of the College, performed well. Performance of the house in different competitions is as under:

House Competition:

Seerat quiz: 2nd Position

GIK Quiz: 5th Position

Bilingual Declamation: 2nd Position

Moral grooming of students is mandatory to make them conscious of values and a sense of accountability in both worlds. To serve this purpose, the Guidance and Counseling Cell (GCC) has been established in the College. The counseling team under the supervision of the Principal counsels the cadets on daily basis. Whenever any issue on the part of any cadet is observed, it is immediately addressed by the concerned HMs / AHM. If required the counseling proforma is put to the Principal for further counseling. Principal of the college along with his counseling team comprising HM, VP, Adjutant, OIC GCC, counsel the cadet. Besides, the parents of the cadet are apprised well in time about his progress and behavior

For moral grooming Ayah of the day, Hadith of the day and thought of the day is narrated in the house fall-in. HM / AHM supervises the fall-in of the house. During house fall-in cadets are taught how to be morally strong and how to avoid ill-manners in their lives.

HMs of the House

  1. Mr. Malik Adeel Anwar

AHMs of the House

  1. Mr. Rehan Yaqoob Kiani
  2. Mr. Masood Ahmed Abbasi

House Prefects of the House

  1. Cadet Sadam Zain