Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir

Cadet College Muzaffarabad

Iqbal House

Iqbal House, named after the great philosopher and the poet of the East, Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, who was posthumously declared the national poet of Pakistan. He raised his voice for the cause of the Muslims of the Sub-Continent. Iqbal’s vision for Pakistan infused a revolutionary spirit in the lives of Muslims, advocating a separate homeland. The House was originally established in 2018. After the inception of Cadet College Muzaffarabad in the main building of Hostel-I, which is a large, two-story building with a hostel facility for the boarders, having a capacity of accommodation for more than 100 cadets along with HM’s office and a well-equipped Prep Hall with other allied facilities. The building of the House is located near the Admin Block.



The Motto of the House is “Truth, Justice and Integrity”. Iqbal’s entire philosophy and poetry revolve around the concept of ‘Insaan-i- Kamil’ (Perfect Human Being). Iqbal places man at the station next to the Creator, Allah Almighty, only, being His Vicegerent on earth. He inspires human beings, especially Muslims, to remain in a constant struggle to rise in both, the material as well as spiritual worlds. Therefore, this motto will help cadets to remain conscious of their final destination, which is beyond the realm of the materialistic world.



The logo of the House is ‘Shaheen’. Shaheen takes off on high climbs, mountains and seeks high and high in the mountains for food. His eyesight is very accurate, and his moral is high.



In the domain of academics, Iqbalians were at the apex. Iqbalians with their unceasing efforts proved their excellence not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. In sports Iqbalians played with great alacrity and enthusiasm; they stood winners in Football, Volleyball, the high jump and the 100-meter race. Cadet Musa Kaleem secured the player of the event title. Iqbalians remained runner-up in co-curricular activities and overall glittered like the stars with the hope to continue the same in the future.

Iqbalians have a fervent hope to clinch the title of champion of the year by showing much better performance.


House Position:

  1. Seerat Quiz: 3rd Position
  2. GIK Quiz: 3rd Position
  3. Bilingual Declamation: 5th Position
  4. Inter-House Sports Competition: 1st Position
  5. Admin Efficiency Competition: 4th Position


HMs: Mr. Abdul Rashid


AHMs: Mr. Tahir Mehboob Gillani


Motto of the House: “Truth, Justice and Integrity’’


Slogan of the House: “We fly! Up & High!